Arena Mutton Bustin


Mutton Bustin

Hold on tight! Mutton Bustin is a crowd favorite, and proves little cowboys and cowgirls can hold on for eight seconds, just like the real ones! Mutton Bustin is a fun-filled competition where a few lucky youngsters have the chance to ride on the back of a running sheep for eight seconds. Children ages 5-7 and under 55 pounds are eligible to participate in the contest which will take place during all three rodeo performances.

Want to be crowned the regional Mutton Bustin Champion?  Qualifying events will take place at five different rodeos throughout the 2014 summer. One winner from each rodeo will qualify for the tour finals, which will take place during the Saturday, Sept. 27th performance at ARCR.

The Qualifying Rodeos include:1 ) Wahoo, NE  2) Sidney, IA  3) Carson, IA  4) Dayton, IA 5) Sept. 25th Rodeo at ARCR 6) Sept. 26th Rodeo at ARCR

For full rules and regulations and how to be entered in one of the qualifying tour stops, please contact the participating rodeo.

To be entered in either the Thurs., Sept 25th or Fri., Sept. 26th rodeo at ARCR, a sign-up will take place and a drawing will be held on September 1, 2014 from all names entered. Twenty-four will be selected at random to participate. Parents and guardians will be contacted after this date to inform them if their child was selected to participate and which night they will assigned.Parents and guardians will have the opportunity to enter their child in the drawing  from June 1, 2014- August 30, 2014. Click here for application form.


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